Liquified Creative receives award from Creativity International Awards

August 11, 2009

In August 2009, Liquified Creative received two awards from the 39th Creativity International Awards for the categories of Direct Mail (Goodstone Inn & Estate Holiday Mailer) and Consumer Website (Coronado DC Condominiums).
About Creativity International: Unlike newer competitions, Creativity International has the tradition, respect and reach that makes winning our award meaningful. Creativity International Awards is one of the longest running INDEPENDENT international advertising and graphic design competitions. Established as a traveling exhibit in conjunction with Art Direction Magazine” in 1970. The Creativity Awards Annual replaced the traveling exhibit and became one of the first books to showcase leading-edge design not just from New York, but from across America and all points of the globe. Over the years, the book has grown in size, scope and style. The Creativity International Awards is judged by a panel of advertising and design professionals who volunteer their time and knowledge without personal agenda or bias. To provide fresh perspectives, new judges are selected from year to year.
We are a print design competition, a web design competition, and an advertising design competition. Our categories run the gamut from Annual Reports to Sales Films, from Magazine Photography to Consumer Websites, from Logos and Trademarks to Ambient Media. Each year the judges choose the best designs, advertisements, websites, and commercials from all over the world to be reproduced in the 400-page Creativity Awards Annual.