The Importance of Custom Photography

July 23, 2014

The Importance of Custom PhotographyOne aspect of marketing that is easily overlooked is custom photography. There are many advantages of hiring a photographer to shoot images for your product and/or business over the use of stock images.

1. Accurately Represents Your Brand

No stock image can accurately represent your brand like custom photography. When people see your images, they’ll see the exact message you want to convey. Photos of you, your employees and place of business is also more personable. It allows you to establish a certain connection with your customer and audience.

2. Eliminates False Advertisements

There’s nothing like seeing delicious food on a website only to receive a completely different product in person. Of course, you could always buy a stock image to represent what you’re selling, but it can never replace the original product. Showing pictures of your product eliminates guesswork involved for the customer, wondering if what they see is what they’ll truly get. More importantly, it informs them exactly what you provide and says you’re proud of it.

3. More Flexibility and Control

The best reason, and arguably the biggest game changer, is that the image is yours. Ownership of your images gives you the flexibility to use the images as you see fit. It also allows you to edit them for your website and your business needs. With stock images, you are limited due to licenses and rights.
There’s no doubt that custom is always better than cookie cutter. When it comes to your business and making a strong visual statement, the one you want to make is your own. What better way to do that than with custom photos?

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