Part I: Reconsider your Incumbent Marketing Agency—Inaugurate New Opportunity

January 22, 2015

99409890Yesterday, the historic 62nd Governor inauguration ceremony made history in Annapolis, Maryland. In recognition of the historic nature of this event—an American changing of the guards as-so-to-speak—it’s important to recognize and embrace the significance of new beginnings. Change can be the catalyst that results in remarkable growth. Are you embracing the opportunity to grow your company and market share by making changes in your marketing efforts? Is your incumbent marketing agency moving you forward or keeping you status quo? It’s time—finally—for you to inaugurate a new marketing agency that will provide you with strategic, broad-spectrum marketing solutions.
If your current marketing efforts or incumbent marketing agency is falling short of your expectations—not providing you with the following attentive services—a reconsideration may be in order.

    A/B tests allow marketers to determine which campaigns will drive the best results amongst your audience.  If your marketing agency does not conduct A/B tests then they miss insightful information on current and future campaigns—this, alone stretches your marketing budget and provides for more qualitative results. If knowledge is power, than split testing should be a required practice for all marketing agencies. Don’t miss out on the valuable information provided by A/B testing.
  2. DETAILED REPORTING – Your Timely ‘State-Of-The-Union’
    You should always know what kind of results your marketing campaigns are producing—or in some cases, not producing. Your marketing agency should analyze and provide, at the minimum quarterly reports/updates that reveal real-time marketing and campaign results. These reports also provide a platform for recommendations on future campaigns and marketing efforts. Detailed reporting proves that your marketing agency is meeting your company’s goals and expectations.
    Your marketing agency should not only have a thorough understanding of your company’s industry, but should also have demonstrated client experience within your industry and/or a client closely related to your line of work or target market. An agency with demonstrated experience in your marketplace provides insight and additional valuable networking opportunities with key industry leaders. Experience creates marketing leverage on behalf of your company.

There are a number of valid reasons for companies to change marketing agencies. Keep an eye out for Part 2: Reconsider your Incumbent Marketing Agency—Inaugurate New Opportunity to make sure your marketing agency is maximizing your marketing success.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of how to A/B test an email campaign, a good understanding of the importance of A/B testing basics is highly…