The Value of Responsive Marketing Emails

February 2, 2015

179258606Email marketing is one of the easiest and efficient marketing tactics a business can implement. Emails give marketers an outlet to target an audience with real-time updates. For the longest time, marketing emails were simply an electronic version of print mail. In the past, emails took on an admittedly watered down version— often “plain-text”— due to coding constraints. Recently, email marketing has seen great advancements, of which you should take note.
GIF Images
A popular advancement is the ability to display GIF files properly within an email. This means that instead of having static images, you can have dynamic, alternating, and moving images. GIF images are definitely a great way to grab your audience’s attention when they open your email.
Responsive Design
Another more impactful advancement is emails built with responsive design. Responsive Design is basically coding a website—or in this case an email—so that it can display properly on various screen sizes. The code identifies the size of the screen being used to view it and adjusts the layout accordingly.
How can I tell if an email is responsive?
If you’re on a desktop, resize the window to a narrow column, like a smartphone display. Can you still see all the content without scrolling left and right? It’s responsive. Does content appear disoriented on the screen? It’s either not responsive or not coded properly.
Why is Responsive Design important?
Responsive design is important because it means you no longer have a basic looking mobile version of your website or email. Instead, you have a version that displays just as well on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone.
Responsive design is a HUGE advantage to business owners. Now, you’re able to express your message the way it was originally intended, without having to sacrifice anything other than the viewing size. Graphics are reduced in size; some can be eliminated completely to have it conform to smaller screens. It’s a far better-looking email than plain text.
How about improved analytics across the board? With the exception of open rates —your audience won’t know if it’s responsive design if they don’t open it— you can expect the majority of your email campaign analytics to improve drastically.. You can also expect your unsubscribes and abuse report statistics to drop.
We don’t have Responsive Design on our Website/Emails! What should we do?
In addition to branding, creative, and design; Liquified Creative specializes in fully responsive design for websites and email marketing. Drop us a line, we’d love to help.

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