Improve Your Marketing Strategy: Content Marketing

February 28, 2015
LCMobileAd1Content marketing is the process of creating valuable information with the intent of building trust and thereby, establishing credibility with your consumers. The theory of content marketing is to incentivize your potential customer or client by educating them. An educated buyer is a confident buyer. Progressive brands recognize producing handfuls of offers to their clients is no longer effective. Instead, brands must be a vast resource of information—willing to provide reams of content—are earmarked for consumption by their information-driven clients. The brand-specific copy should then be strategically integrated throughout a company’s website, blog and social media. Call it breadcrumbs on a trail or bait to capture attention—it all leads to increased page impressions and greater awareness as clients explore the depth of your information that they’ve been searching. Check out nine other marketing tactics that will improve your marketing strategy here.
Many bloggers are in an uproar over Pinterest’s announcement to shut down affiliate networks.  Pinterest’s decision to remove all affiliate links correlates with the platform’s…