Tweet Like a #Pro

June 24, 2015


Twitter has quickly become one of the hottest social media outlets. While it is useful for keeping up with the latest trends, celebrity gossip and news, Twitter can also be a great way to promote your company, brand, or event. There is definitely a right and a wrong way to use Twitter as a means of marketing. Check out these tips to become a Twitter pro and increase your engagement:

1) Branding– Your brand should be the first thing communicated when someone sees your Twitter handle or clicks on your profile page. You handle should be related to your brand, but kept simple. You don’t want anything too long or difficult to remember. An excellent example is Martins Potato Rolls. Their handle is @potatorolls. It is simple and perfectly explains what they are all about. Your profile photo should be your logo so people quickly recognize your company. Your header photo should be something related to your company logo or services.  If you want to be fancy like @liquifiedcreate your header photo can even be a continuation of your profile photo.

2) Content– The content of your tweets should also convey something about who your company is. Yes, the main goal is to get people to use your service or buy your product, but that doesn’t mean every post should read an advertisement. Make sure you develop a distinct voice for your company. It should not sound like a robot is writing your tweets. Twitter is a very conversational place so your language can be more relaxed. But, still be professional with your grammar and syntax. Use a picture whenever possible. Tweets with photos are more likely to catch a reader’s eye as they scroll through their news feed. Remember you only get 140 characters so make sure you are getting the most important message across. Always check which hashtags and topics are trending and incorporate them into your tweets. Try to relate the trend to something about your brand or message.    

3) Timing- In order to get more people engaging with your Twitter it is important to stay active on your account. You should be live tweeting, daily, to keep your presence up. There is nothing worse than clicking on a company page and seeing they haven’t tweeted in months. Using a scheduling app to schedule tweets can also be helpful. Tweets that pursue new clients should be scheduled to go out every so often. In between those scheduled posts, you should be live tweeting and keeping up with the trending hashtags and topics. Twitter is a very fast pace environment, so it is important to tweet things as they happen and are still relevant.

4) Interacting– You want to be interacting with people as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to tweet at other accounts and tag people in posts that relate to them. Since Twitter is conversational there is a great opportunity for back and forth interactions, but often the initial contact is up to you. Reaching out to people is harmless as long as you are not targeting the same person a million times. If they do not reply do not keep trying to get them to respond. A simple way to get your account noticed is to favorite and retweet content from other users whose tweets fit your own brand messaging. When you retweet you can add your spin to the post to make it own. Not only will that account notice you, they are likely to follow you and retweet something of yours in the future.  

 If you follow these tips your Twitter is sure to be more engaging and get more followers. Of course if you need help from the pros, Liquified Creative is here to help you with your Twitter account and all of your social media needs. Contact us today about becoming a social media client.  

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