Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

September 30, 2015

85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. That translates to you not only needing a website but a searchable, indexable website, that is attractive to your clientele and objectively better than any nearby competition. It’s as simple, now, as asking Google or Siri, “Where is the closest (blank)”? Consumers are fed a list of nearby businesses. Otherwise, you are left competing for the remaining 15% of the consumers.

85% of consumers use the Internet to find local businesses.

If your mentality is that your business is doing fine without a website, people have always found you through more traditional means, then you desperately need to change your thinking. A portion of your customers will eventually find other providers for your good or service by searching online, you need to be competing there as much, if not more than you would anywhere else.

Once you have a website, where will your traffic come from?


Paid (Pay-Per-Click, Ad Words, Facebook, Twitter) 

Paid is one of the best ways to pinpoint your target market, and speak directly to them. It comes at a price, considering this form of traffic is one of the most expensive, and varies on several factors. 

Organic (SEO) 

This is the most difficult to impact, but the results snowball. Once your site is optimized properly, Google and other search engines will recognize it as a good result for specific search terms, which will move you up in the search results, causing more people to visit the website, making Google take notice of you and repeating the process.


Referrals are generated through email campaigns and other sources of inbound linking to your website. This could be through a press release, blog mention, or combined marketing efforts on another companies website.

Social Media

A perfect platform to be able to speak with your clients, provide customer service, information, and a simple interface – which you are most likely familiar with – in order to update posts, images, and events.

There is a lot of effort, time-investment, monitoring analytics that go into having a website and ensuring that your traffic increases. All of that is building toward one central goal – qualified traffic that converts into sales. Hopefully, now you are beginning to see the untapped potential of a small business without a website, or more importantly, a web presence. Liquified Creative specializes in Website Design, Digital Marketing, and overall Branding for your company. Our mentality is, “Marketing isn’t just one thing. It’s EVERYTHING”.

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