Breathing Life into Health Care Branding: A Personal Relationship Through Messaging

November 3, 2015

All industries have a level of personal connection – either physiological or on a tangible level. When it comes to health care and our individual health care needs, things become personal very quickly. In fact, you may say that out of all of the industries — health care is one of the most personal of the service-base industries today.
This is why branding is so important in the health care industry, as it facilitates trust and solidifies relationships among your consumer base. A strategic and solid brand closely reflects the primary formula of: Brand Promise – Engagement – Relationship.

What’s in it for Your Customers/Patients?
Connecting patients and facilities with your brand
Just like any other product or service, you need to sell your prospective patients, customers or even medical facility administration before they make a purchase.
In most cases, patients do not consider their health care choices prior to the need. So in most cases we are trying to sell something to an audience that do not want to make a purchase. However, once they are presented with your brand – they are confronted with a level of engagement that they can embrace or question your practices level of expertise.
Second, when presented with an option your prospective consumer or patient base is in need of a provider – they will tend to gravitate toward the best branded and recognized provider that they know. Feeding off of the comfort of the relationship, knowing you have always been there.

It’s No Longer About Supply and Demand, it’s About Supply and Decisions
Challenges for physicians and health care facilities
With the turn of events in the health care industry, patients are harnessing the power of decision versus availability. They are taking back the control of what was once in the hands of the health insurance industry when it comes to choosing physicians, practices and care facilities.
Though the power of branding your prospective client base has the power to recognize whether or not you are an expert in your field. The downside is that they also recognize that your competitor or neighboring providers/facilities have similar expertise in the field.
When presented with a conflict of similarities, it is up to your brand, voice and engagement to define the differences in your service. Grocery stores are a great example of defining brand differences. For example, just about every grocery store change carries the mainstream products, produce, and meats – however, the atmosphere, store layout, lighting and customer service philosophy are different. These key items define their brand and establish a defined difference in a realm of similarities.
Your brand and engagement is what will set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Example of a Few Well-Known Health Care Brands

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Where to go from here?
Define a branding/marketing budget and meet with an industry based marketing leader to begin establishing your practice or product as a cornerstone of the industry. You will want to be armed with some statistical information about your customer base, growth and be ready to move to the next level in your industry.

  • Define what makes your practice or healthcare service unique
  • Identify who you provide your service to
  • Explain and describe your practice or service in a humanistic and relatable manner
  • Work with a marketing consultant in order to establish your brand and message to the public
  • Engage and educate your market through presence, word-of-mouth, actions and social channels
  • Actions speak louder than words, become an advocate within your industry, share your passion, and practice what you preach
  • Commit and grow your brand – this can be done in phases in order to grow a holistic and organic presence

Liquified Creative offers extensive branding, messaging and marketing services for the health care industry, from patient-centric to facility-centric to health care technology-centric. Our services are strategically assembled to elevate and define your brand message from your competition. Discuss the best ways to develop your brand today.

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