5 Things Your Brand Needs to Be Doing on Social Media

January 13, 2016

1. Monitor

It is important to constantly monitor keywords, hashtags, and trending topics to stay involved and current on all of the conversations that are happening within your brand’s niche. This gives you the ability to not only tap into the conversation but take a stance on the trending topic and start new conversations by creating a new perspective. This will ultimately lead to new fans and increase brand loyalty amongst your current audience. You must also monitor competitor accounts to avoid making their same mistakes and also gain competitive intelligence.

2. Analyze

 Social media analytics provide insight as to what is working and what is not. Post statistics help you identify your best content through clicks, reach, and engagement. Reviewing analytics will allow you to compare profile performance and give you a better understanding of how your audience reacts.

3. Scheduling Posts

Trending material is an absolute must in any social media strategy but scheduling posts in advance is still a strong tactic for any brand. By scheduling posts in advance you ensure consistent contact with your audience. Scheduling posts also allows you to map your content out in advance and plan time-sensitive content that increases the likelihood of your post going viral.

4. Social Audits

Quarterly and/or yearly social audits allow you to make sure you are using all current or updated features available on each social channel. It also gives you the opportunity to make sure your entire channel is branded and optimized. A branded and optimized channel will communicate your company message to your audience, increase referral traffic to your website, and identify ways to streamline your process.

5. Media Spend

Although organic social media isn’t completely dead it is certainly heading in that direction. As more people and brands take advantage of the benefits of social media the opportunity to be heard or seen decreases. There is only so much space on a newsfeed. Your brands no longer automatically appear to each one of your fans. According to Adweek, “the average reach for posts from Facebook pages in March was 2.6 percent, slipping to 2.27 percent.” A media spend expands your opportunity for a targeted audience to see your content.

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