Professional Printing: Totally Worth the Investment

February 4, 2016

Think about your day and how often you come into contact with printed materials—newspapers, signs, leaflets, flyers, magazines—it’s everywhere! You may not even notice all the printed materials around you until something stands out because it’s been poorly done. Likewise, many businesses don’t carefully consider the print work they ought to invest in, and instead try to save money by doing it themselves or utilizing a sub-par service. This often results in poorly finished products, which doesn’t leave a good impression on potential customers. It can even result in a loss of clients instead of business growth.
Your hesitation to have various marketing materials professionally made is understandable—these things cost money, and the returns can be difficult to measure. But of course, it DOES make a difference.
Take business cards, for example. Even if someone doesn’t bother to look you up in the immediate future, at the very least you won’t have made a negative first impression. In fact, you’re probably better off with generic supplies than with custom-made materials that reflect poorly on you. Well-designed cards printed on quality paper make a good first impression on those who receive them, whereas self-printed cards often look cheap and unprofessional, in turn making people wonder about the quality of the products and services they will receive from the company. Professional, high-quality printing is worth the investment, as it will give potential clients the right impression from the first time—and every time—they come into contact with your brand. The visual impact of your printed work can really make a difference!
What type of printing your business should invest in depends on your targeted audience and how you’re trying to reach them. It might seem obvious and straightforward, but it’s worth considering how your customers will come into contact with your brand and thus how you can make the best impression. For example, creative billboards or banners can reach a wide audience, and targeted leaflets are often a low-cost way to encourage potential clients to take your information away with them. In the end, thinking carefully about how printing can benefit your business will pay off in the long run and add to the professional image of your brand.
Besides suggesting creative and strategic methods to reach your targeted audience, the designers at Liquified Creative can advise you on every aspect of your printed piece—including layout, typefaces, illustrations or graphics, photos, colors, paper stock, and special treatments such as a strategically placed spot UV coating for a glossy effect to make specific elements “pop.” So even if you don’t have the strongest message or most interesting information to convey, you’ll always have an interesting way to say it with high-quality, professional printing.

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