Drawing Attention with Great Copy

June 16, 2016

isolated child girl screaming on white background
In today’s culture images are the true attention grabbers in social media outlets. How many times have you liked a picture on Instagram, without even reading the copy? In a visually driven world, copy can easily get lost in the mix of things. Here are 8 tips to make sure your copy is ready to grab your reader’s attention—right from the get-go.

  • Keep your content short and concise. Summarize your point before getting into the details of your content.
  • Create a CTA (“call to action”). Your target audience is more likely to pay attention to something that they feel they are a part of.
  • Limit yourself to 4 hash tags. Hash tags are a great way to connect with people that are interested in similar subjects. However, using a long thread of hash tags can come across as spam.
  • Make sure your brand’s voice reflects the social platform you’re using.
    • Instagram: Keep your images original, beautiful, and engaging, with a light-hearted voice.
    • Twitter: Keep it short and impactful. People expect to be updated quickly on Twitter.
    • Facebook: Facebook can be a bit of a cluttered with a lot of information and is one of the most popular social platforms. Many turn to Facebook for personal input and to connect with friends—giving you the opportunity to be more descriptive.
    • LinkedIn: Keep your content in a professional voice and share in within groups or with individual connections in similar industries.
  • Use Emojis. If the context is right, emojis can help you connect with your audience on an emotional level.
  • Less is more. Never be afraid to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.
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