Branding 101

August 16, 2016

Any new company should start developing a strong structure that incorporates a theme that will capture their business. Just having this base theme means you are on your way to branding your company. A brand is the base to your company, which is continuously growing. While a product can diminish in its demands, a brand remains the stable backbone to a company. Your brand could be the reason a customer buys a specific product. Let’s say, for example, a customer wants a soda (product), they have to decide between a Pepsi or a Coke (brand). Having a stable reliable brand increases demand and product sales because most consumers will pay a little extra to have a branded product they can trust. Three tips for branding design from Triboro:

  1. “Do your research. You need to fully understand the business you’re working with. Concepts shouldn’t be random, but need to spring from something innate about the business. Ask yourself: What makes this company different from the others?”
  2. “The logo is not the identity. Everything on the page contributes to the visual identity. Every ingredient requires a conscious decision and should be infused with the essence and personality you wish to communicate to the audience. Your job is to reveal the soul of the brand.”
  3. “Design is valuable. Branding has become the prime differentiator between nearly indistinguishable goods and services.”

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