The Most Notable Ad of the Week

September 22, 2016

Liquified Creative is starting a new tradition! Stay up-to-date on the newest, most inspirational, trending ads otherwise known as “The Most Notable Ad of the Week.”
After much debate, the Liquified Creative Crew has deemed, “The Most Notable Ad of the Week ” Kenzo World’s New Fragrance ad.

Here’s why Kenzo World’s new Fragrance ad made the cut:

  1. Originality – Typically, fragrance ads attempt to capitalize on sex appeal, glamor and stature. In other words, if you buy a particular brand’s perfume or cologne, you will embody everything that the model or ad portrays–wealth, sophistication and beauty. However, Kenzo World’s new fragrance ad features a completely different take. The ad features a young woman who appears to have it all–wealth, beauty and stature. Yet, as she sits at a fancy gala in her beautiful gown she looks anything but satisfied. So, she steps out to “break free” and begins to dance to a crazy beat–essentially embraces being her unique self–ultimately satisfying her desire to have fun.
  2. Relatable – Whether you are the hottest celebrity or an average Joe, everyone has experienced a desire to break away from a less-than-exciting event or situation at some point in their life. On a deeper level, the actress seems to be fed up with the need to act appropriate and polite at an event filled with small talk and surrounded by an elite crowd who is stuck in the rat race of trying to outdo one another’s accomplishments (which we can all relate to on some level). In response, she does something a little unusual but completely admirable. She steps away from the room and expresses life, fun, vibrancy and energy through her intricate dance moves.
  3. Creative – The ad embraces an artistic theme through wild dance moves, a captivating story line, and imaginative scenes.

Needless-to-say, after viewing this ad our crew is ready to check out Kenzo World’s new fragrance (and dance at a hotel when no one is watching).

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