Shifting Tides: From Company-Centric to Customer-Centric

June 19, 2017

The methodology of transforming your brand model into a customer-centric brand is not by simply putting your customer first in line. It’s about placing their needs in the forefront of your brand strategy and listing to-acting-and repeating those needs.
It is natural for brands to be company-centric by centralizing their messaging and communications around the mindset of what’s good for the company without exploring and identifying the impact on the customer.
Most brands and companies think they know what the customer wants without taking the time and effort to quantify what their customer-base really needs. Being in the age of the empowered customer, companies can only benefit from long-term gains if they take the effort of shifting their focus to what the customer-base needs.
Get to Know Your Customers
The simple task of asking for feedback is the oldest tried and true way of improving your customer experience. This simple data can help your company develop a simple picture of your current customer base. It is difficult to successfully achieve a customer-centric brand, without understanding the needs, interests, and frustrations that drive your customers. Building a clear picture of the different customer segments is the first steps in defining your brand.
Here are just a few sources of data that can help you collect information on your client-base:

  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Sales and CRM Data
  • Web Analytics
  • Customer Loyalty Data and Reviews
  • Social Media Engagement Data
  • Employee Interviewing

Where Do You Go From Here?
Engaging Content Development – Create and develop content that will empower your customers/clients. Your content should be relevant, interesting and manifest value to your audience-base. Consider the different stages of your customer’s journey and develop client personas that work with different channels pertaining to your business or organization.
Personalization – Make your client feel like they are number one and not just another number. Create a user experience that makes them feel unique and answers their specific needs.
Reviews – Reviews are what drive the educated client. Work hard on encouraging current clients to post reviews and make sure that respond to both positive and negative reviews in a professional manner—placing their needs first.
Influencers and Advocates – Create a forum for the natural creation of brand advocates. This is always good for you, your sales, and future word-of-mouth recommendations—transforming your brand into a trusted entity.
Messaging – Develop a vernacular that resonates with your clients. There is no sense in using a vocabulary that your audience needs to interpret or translate to understand your products, services or company in general.
Closing the Loop
Developing a Customer-Centric brand takes time and energy; however, the long-term gains are beneficial based on the accessibility of information available through digital outlets. Customers are transforming into educated and engaged partners in your industry and are looking to not only do business with you but to establish a business relationship.
Picking the right branding firm is important to assist you in achieving your short and long-term branding goals. Not only do they bring the experience in brand development, but they can also bring the time and resources to make this journey a success!

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