Tide Pool Tuesday: Sales vs. Marketing

August 8, 2017

Welcome to Liquified Creative’s Tide Pool Tuesday! Every Tuesday we will be posting marketing-related questions from various platforms and revealing our answers based on our experience in the marketing field. Tide Pool Tuesday received its name because similar to a tide pool, marketing is constantly changing. Tide pools are also known to collect an abundance of life and food. Similarly, our Tide Pool Tuesday is a place where, instead of food, we want to provide you with an abundance of marketing knowledge! We’re kicking off this Tuesday with a question relating to social media marketing. Have a marketing question- leave a comment below or leave us a message on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.
How Can I Get Sales on Social Media for a Dog Treat Business Instead of Just Views? Asked by Gabrielle Carlson on Aug 01, 2017
I have a dog treat business and do Shopify. As long as I post to social media I am getting views. But no sales have come out of those views. No one is buying. I have a few local customers but want to expand to as many sales as I can get. What am I missing or maybe doing wrong?
Are you selling or marketing? Many times, businesses roll these into one tactic. In social, are you providing a CTA (call to action)? Do you have individual landing pages for your posts/promotions? Do you have promotions that you discuss, or, more importantly, when utilizing social media, do you provide more to your market than just an opportunity to buy your products? No one likes to be at a networking event listening to someone talk about themselves the entire conversation.
Take time to step off the proverbial soapbox and provide information that your market can benefit or learn from. What’s in healthy biscuits? How to use biscuits to train a puppy. Healthy snacks for dogs. (etc.) This is the type of information that encourages engagement. ‘Likes’ for your Facebook account carry less weight than ‘likes,’ ‘comments,’ and ‘SHARES’ for your individual posts. Create and participate in the conversation pertaining to your market. Conversation creates trust. Trust affords the opportunity for your consumer to engage in conversions (sales or inquiries). Facebook is just one tactic in your marketing mix. Identify the touchpoints of your marketplace and find a way to create a conversation in these areas. Or, at the very least, find a way to create awareness.
All the best to you—sow the seeds of marketing, be patient, diligent and consistent with your brand messaging, and enjoy the fruits of resulting conversions!

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