Meet Fred: Google's Latest Major Algorithm Update

September 13, 2017

It’s difficult to keep up with all the updates Google pushes out for its all-powerful search algorithm. From Google Penguin, Google Panda, and the older Google Hummingbird, over the years websites and SEOs have had to adapt to the “new rules” set out by Google in order to stay at the top of the food chain.

What to Know About Google “FRED”

  • “FRED” is an unofficial nickname that just stuck. Google made a major unnamed update Gary Illyes jokingly referred to as “FRED”, and the public just couldn’t seem to let it go.
  • As always, the recent update is geared toward penalizing websites employing SPAM, or other “disingenuous” online marketing tactics.
  • Experts agree that “FRED” will mostly be targeting sites with ad-focused content, especially those that prioritize revenue over improving the user-experience of their website.

Long and short, Google has your back as a user. Google updates its algorithms regularly and without warning. Honest, white-hat employing marketers and developers need not worry. Updates like “FRED” are intended to level the playing field and give authentic websites employing approved tactics a fighting chance against SPAM, and disingenuous websites.

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