Why you Need to Invest in a Creative Agency to Skyrocket your Growth

January 11, 2018

Your marketing efforts are the key to the difference between the rapid growth or the slow death of your business. Every smart business owner understands that great marketing and advertising is the key to the success and growth of their company. Without some form of marketing and advertising, you would have no customers (Yes, even word-of-mouth is a form of advertising).
This being said, when do you know the time has come to invest in a creative agency rather than continue to do things yourself? If you find that your business is currently in any of the scenarios we’ve listed below.
You know it’s time to invest in your marketing efforts by partnering with a creative agency if:

1. You have a story to tell, but no strategy for how to tell it.

Without a strategy to spread your story, your idea is going nowhere. For your business to fly, you need a consistent and coordinated marketing effort. For example, you need consistency throughout your website, social presence, and overall branding. But where do you start? How do you prioritize? With an experienced agency by your side, you can be assured of a perfect marketing strategy that will be specific to your business needs and objectives.
2. People don’t know who you are, at all. (Family and friends don’t count)
Marketing is what makes sure that your business can be found, and makes sure that people remember what to search for in the first place. What you want is brand or business name recognition. A creative agency will make sure your branding and message stay consistent, and that your strategy creates—and maintains—momentum.
3. People don’t understand what you do.
Nothing can kill a sale (or your confidence) faster than a customer or client not knowing what they are buying. Creative doesn’t have to be just all bell and whistles. It can educate and it can explain through great creative.
4. You are constantly saying to yourself, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”
We know what it’s like to be a small business—always feeling that you have to tackle everything yourself. But you’ll find sometimes that your time is best spent on why you started in the first place. If you started a salon and also happen to be a fantastic designer then go ahead and create your logo and website. Don’t let time spent on your creative consume you, however, or you may lose why you really started your new business in the first place. Do what you do best.
5. Your product or service has changed.
ALWAYS keep your brand in line with what your company offers. Make sure you are still reaching the right audience and make sure your marketing continues to reflect your correct target market. Make sure your brand continues to reflect current your product or service.
6. Your current marketing efforts are producing pretty bad results.
The availability of stock photos, easy to use ‘drag-and-drop’ design tools paired with inexpensive freelancers have led to questions about the necessity of hiring an experienced and seasoned agency. Obtaining original and high-performing content is just not possible when taking the easy route. What you ultimately want and need are conversions that result, eventually in sales and revenue. These generic templates and limited libraries of creative content do not give your market a personal and original look and feel of your brand. Without that, how are you supposed to differentiate your brand in the marketplace? ‘Vanilla’ is a tasty ice cream flavor but not necessarily a good brand identity.
7. You simply don’t have the time to do it all.
You’re busy, we understand. Not to mention, we know how much time marketing truly takes. You need to focus on your business—specifically, meeting your customer’s needs. Producing quality content that appeals to your market, then distributing it in a way that really maximizes your customer reach and engagement potential takes time and experience. We have the time. We have the experience.
When you invest in a creative agency, you’ll see higher brand engagement and higher return on your investment. Agencies provide exclusive deliverables that augment long-term impact.
While deciding on your marketing efforts, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Instead, consider options that maximize your ROI without losing your valuable time. It takes diverse expertise to pull everything together into cohesive, well-thought-out strategies. When you invest in a creative agency, you’ll see higher brand engagement and higher return on investment. At Liquified Creative, we provide exclusive deliverables that augment long-term impact and grow your company. Let us help your brand achieve what it’s truly meant to be.

One of the main reasons why a lot of marketing isn’t working as well as it could is because of how your business positions itself.…