3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging

May 10, 2018

When it comes to blogging, there’s always an excuse. “There isn’t enough time” or “No one reads blogs” to name a few. But we get it; blogging can be a lot of work. However, they provide a foundation for information about your brand along with giving your business an owned platform online.
At Liquified Creative, we help our clients with blogging all the time. And we can confidently say that our clients who do take advantage of blogging see proven success. We’ve seen many benefits resulting from blogging, but we’ve identified three that should do enough convincing on their own.

1. Control the Message

A blog provides your business with a platform to accurately tell the critical brand stories that may otherwise go untold, or even worse, be inaccurately reported. When someone searches for your brand online, you want them to receive accurate information directly from your website. In addition, when a crisis hits or news about your business captures the public’s attention, you’ll need a blog to accurately tell the supporting story in its entirety. In most crisis situations, online searches about your brand will surge, and without a blog, your reputation lies in the hands of anyone else who chooses to write about the subject. In order to lead these online conversations, your organization must continuously tell its story.

2. SEO

Like we said before; we get it, blogging is a lot of work. It’s also time consuming. But what if that time investment resulted in a huge search engine optimization (SEO) benefit? Google periodically crawls websites to look for current content. Google even ranks regularly updated websites higher in the search query since they are often more relevant, active and valuable sources of information for individuals using Google. Having a blog allows you to keep your site fresh in a far simpler way than restructuring your content or re-writing the overall messaging of your website.

3. Social Media Home Base

Blogs make for great content that not only helps with your website’s Google ranking, but also can be shared across all of your organization’s social platform’s. While establishing a brand presence on social media has a whole other amazing set of benefits that helps your business, platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are ultimately temporary and constant moving streams of information. Your blog provides a home for information pushed out on social media so that it always remains online.
Blogging has grown to become one of the most valuable tools for sharing information, connecting with your audience, and driving traffic to your website. All of these benefits help to establish and improve your brand reputation, putting you a step above your competitors. The bottom line for us is that your blog is something that you have 100% control over. You don’t have to rely on content generated from other sources or worry about misinformation. The entire platform is yours to use as a benefit to your business.
With a team that consists of mind-blowing content writers, designers, and marketers, Liquified Creative is here to help out with all of your blogging needs. Questions? Comments? Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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