Liquified Creative Welcomes New Production Artist

May 17, 2018

A brief intro to our newest crew member, Angus.
As Production Artist, he is working alongside our Creative and Marketing Teams, he’s helping out with everything from e-blasts and coding to design support and media distribution.
Here’s some other important/relevant/cool stuff about him:
He has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Salisbury University.
He used to be a graphic design intern for Peppermill Projects.
Most recently, he had been doing freelance work under his own personal company, APW Creative.
He’s really excited for any opportunity to be creative/unique/original, and expresses that through his clothing, art, or music. He keeps the focus on trying to be new, original and ahead of the game in any way possible.
Believe it or not, he’s an avid hip-hop fan, and Jimi Hendrix is his all time favorite musician and one of his idols (along with painter Jean-Michel Basquiat). One of his favorite things to do? Listen to his vinyl records. Which leads us to…
In his free time, he’s constantly listening to music. Other than that, you can find him fishing, drinking good beer with friends or checking out new restaurants and bars. He also loves kayaking, or really anything that gives him an excuse to be outdoors. Lastly, he’s an avid Kan Jam (the frisbee game) and bass guitar player.

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