Liquified Creative Welcomes New Graphic Designer

August 13, 2018

Previously part of the Liquified Creative team as an intern, Sammi Laite now joins the crew as our new Graphic Designer.
Sammi is fresh from The University of Tampa graduating with a degree in Graphic Design and a Minor in Interactive Media. She spent the summer studying visual design in Florence, Italy with the Studio Arts College International, designing a way to communicate the importance of creating a plastic free life and informing how to eliminate plastic in different areas throughout an average person’s day. Whether it is design, photography, or her painting specialty – encaustic wax painting – Sammi is always looking to create something new and impactful. With her favorite designers being Louise Fili, Jacqueline Casey, and The Guerrilla Girls, her style is full of simple forms and rule breaking while leaving a bold impression. When she is not bug eyed focused on the computer screen, she is coming up with phrases no one understands and planning her next adventure.
“What should drive you is not knowing how to do something”.

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