Liquified Creative Supports Eastport for 21st Annual Tug-of-War

September 28, 2018

On November 3rd, Eastport and Annapolis will face off in the 21st annual Tug-of-War. This event dates back to 1997 and is billed as the longest international Tug-of-War over water in the world. The historic rivalry was first initiated when the residents of Eastport’s access to the city of Annapolis was cut off due to the temporary closure of the Compromise Street bridge due to construction. This closure which cut off the community residents and businesses caused somewhat of an uproar and an overwhelming feeling of rejection. In an effort to declare their independence from the City of Annapolis, residents of The Maritime Republic of Eastport (MRE) challenged the city to a tug-of-war competition.
This year, Liquified Creative will join in the efforts to carry The MRE to victory. Being a local Eastport business, this creative marketing and advertising agency decided to see how they could get involved in this community business. Seeing that the MRE distributes all funds raised by the Tug and other MRE events to various charitable organizations in the Annapolis area, Liquified Creative knew this was an organization that they would be honored to partner with.
The agency felt that sponsorship was not enough. In addition to coming on board as a Vice Premier sponsor, Liquified Creative offered support through various marketing, advertising, and creative services that the event needed assistance with. “Since moving to our Eastport office 6 years ago, we have continually tried to increase our community involvement. From partnering with the AAMC Foundation and their events to the Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre, Leadership Anne Arundel, and the Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce, we have always placed a high value on community partnerships. Somehow, we missed what was right under our nose considering the MRE Tug of War takes place in our office’s parking lot. We knew that now was the time to help out and get involved,” said Jamie Czajkowski, Marketing Manager. Judging off of this statement, it can be concluded that Liquified Creative is officially declaring their loyalty to Eastport in this long-lived community rivalry and tradition.
In just a few short weeks, teams will battle across the water in an effort to earn bragging rights for either Annapolis or Eastport. In addition to the tug, each side will host their own party; Eastport of course being known to throw the best one. If you would like more information on The Maritime Republic of Eastport or the Tug- of -War, visit their website

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