New Senior Web Developer Joins Liquified Creative

January 29, 2019

Liquified Creative started off the new year with the addition of a new Senior Web Developer, Chad Phillips.
Chad has been developing and designing for the web for nearly 15 years, starting during his time at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and spawning from an even earlier interest in computers and computer games as a kid. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Information Systems Management from UMBC.
Across the Baltimore-DC Metro Area, Chad has worked for small shops and industry leaders, across a spectrum of needs on the front and back-end of web applications.
Chad also has a life outside of work! He’s a father of two energetic boys and enjoys spending time playing games, building LEGO towers, watching those towers get smashed, and enjoying the outdoors with his wife and children. With the little free time he has remaining, he likes to watch TV, movies, play games, and drink good beer with great friends. He also part of a small pub trivia team that performs…in his words…” admirably.”

It’s now 2019 and New Year’s Day has come and gone. It’s tradition to set resolutions for yourself, usually something along the lines of going…