Liquified Creative Works with SAFE Project to Develop Treatment Locator

August 12, 2019

Liquified Creative recently partnered with the SAFE Project to develop a state-of-the-art Treatment Locator for individuals facing a substance use disorder.

SAFE Project was founded in November 2017 by Admiral James and Mary Winnefeld, following the loss of their 19-year old son Jonathan to an accidental opioid overdose. The Winnefeld’s immediately channeled their grief into action, hoping to save more families from the pain of loss. Whether it was seeking treatment, getting answers, or understanding the nature of the disease – they knew there needed to be a different solution to help other families facing the same journey with substance use disorder.

In an effort to help the 19.7 million people living with substance use disorder (SUD) and their families, SAFE Project made the decision to develop a free, online platform to match people to the treatment services that best fit their needs.

Unlike other online treatment locators, this comprehensive tool provides customized information about which facility may be best suited for the person needing treatment, based on age, gender, dual-diagnosis, or other individual needs and preferences. The SAFE Treatment Locator also provides users with a customized experience without requiring the user to provide personal or identity specific information.

It currently searches over 13,500 registered treatment facilities nationwide and provides match-based and distance-based results from a simple set of questions and answers.

“There’s a great sense of pride and fulfillment being able to work on a project that will help many who are in need across the country. I am looking forward to continued work with the passionate team at SAFE,” said Chad Phillips, Liquified Creative’s Senior Web Developer.

Liquified Creative was initially approached regarding the development of this application based on their in-depth knowledge and experience in user-experience design and custom development solutions, as well as their passion for working with organizations in the non-profit and healthcare advocacy arena.

“Our team was extremely proud to be a strategic partner on the development process of the SAFE Treatment Locater. We hope that this vital platform will help to equip our local leaders, organizations, and communities with the tools and data that are necessary in identifying opioid addiction and substance abuse treatment centers and facilities based on an individual’s specific needs across the country,” stated Shawn Noratel, Agency Founder and Creative Director.

Substance abuse disorders and the Opioid crisis impact everyone, not only the individual who is suffering. SAFE Project’s mission is to contribute in a tangible way to overcoming the addiction epidemic in the United States.

Liquified Creative is confident that the SAFE Treatment Locator will be a continued support in the overall initiative of preventing fatal drug overdoses, and to otherwise mitigate substance use disorder’s impact on those suffering and our society.

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