It May Be Time to Update Your Logo

February 27, 2020

Aside from your company or brand name, your logo is one of the most important indicators for your company as a whole. It is a visual signifier meant to be easily recognizable when it comes to consumers identifying or recognizing your good or service.

Often, as a company grows, a desire to refresh the brand occurs, a process that often includes a new logo. At first, your business may start out with a lower budget for marketing and advertising related expenses, i.e. branding. So when growth occurs, this budget may expand meaning that branding can be updated in order to attract your growing target market. Other circumstances where an update or redesign to your logo maybe if your color palette is no longer industry-relevant, your fonts are outdated or your services areas have expanded.  Even if your logo is still fitting into current offerings, updating your logo can still offer a competitive edge.

Sometimes, though, it’s not as easy to figure out if it is time to update your logo. In order to figure it out, you have to dive deep into your brand strategy and piece together cues from your industry to determine the best course of action for your brand.

The term “brand strategy,” refers to the long-term plan to achieve set goals for your brand. This strategy dictates the success of your brand in the market as a whole. Putting a strategy in place to assess your brand will allow you to see what you need in order to get your company on the roadmap for success.

As you continue to read, keep your brand strategy top-of-mind to see if any of these indicators apply to your company, ultimately determining if it’s time to refresh your logo.



Even if your company’s original logo is well-loved and recognized, you may find that over time it may have grown stale or is no longer as relevant or appealing as it once was. Not to mention, an outdated logo is usually easy to spot, even for average consumers who don’t know the first thing about design. Think about the last time your logo was refreshed and consider whether signs of age (color, font, style, tagline) are beginning to show. Certain design trends have phased out and certain design approaches are no longer considered to be ‘modern’ or ‘on-trend’. Even if your logo was designed to have a ‘timeless’ feel to it, the messaging and collateral may need to be evaluated in order to carry a ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’ logo into the future.


When your company first began and a logo was designed, it was probably perfectly emblematic of what your business stood for. However, no company remains completely static over time. As companies grow and evolve, new services, products, and company missions are introduced. Change is often brought about by positive growth and development but said changes may also end up rendering a company’s original logo less than relevant. A logo redesign can be just the thing to help signal a new direction for your business.

Brand Story

If your brand story evolves as your company grows, it’s time for a new company logo design. Your brand story is your business’s purpose and message. It’s the reason why you started your brand in the first place. It’s your mission, point of view, and values as a company. Your brand story is something that your clients and customers can get behind.

For example, a brand story would not be focusing on being the largest distributor of recycled paper products, but rather saving the environment through the sales of recycled paper products. If your brand story changes, your logo should change, too. Always keep your logo consistent with your brand story.


If you are working through the decisions of whether or not it’s time to update your logo, give us a call. Our crew at Liquified Creative is ready to help you work through your brand strategy or to help you assess how a refreshed logo could further the business goals. Send us a message or give us a call and let us get started on giving your brand the attention it deserves.

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