Stay Creative While Working From Home

September 1, 2020

COVID-19 entered our lives unexpectedly and changed every part of our “normal”. As a result, our minds are becoming overcrowded and stressed resulting in a creativity block. It is imperative that our industry grabs ahold of this opportunity and uses this time to adapt, ultimately finding new ways to boost creativity we may not have tried before. Regardless of what industry you’re in, and whether or not you’re working from home, check out the tips, tricks, and ideas our team used during our “WFH” gig, and still continue to use in the office where we can. Social distancing guidelines and other necessary changes to ensure employee safety have been implemented, creating another “new normal” that requires an acclimation period.


• Make Your Own Space
It is important to separate your living space from your working space. Take some time to set up your own “office” even if it is in the corner of your kitchen or living room. If you’re back in the office and access to shared or common spaces have been temporarily removed, make your personal work area your own by adding some personal touches or tolls/resources you had maybe shared with others in the office previously.

• Set a Schedule
o Your commute from the couch to your workspace may not seem important but keeping your morning ritual the same can help. Set a time for coffee, getting ready for the day (whatever that may be), and for starting work. This will encourage your thoughts and creativity to get ready for a new day and help keep you focused and on task.

• Connect with Your Team Virtually
o Keeping the connection open between coworkers is imperative to maintaining great communication. Throughout the week, keep those ideas flowing by trying to connect with your virtual coworkers with a virtual happy hour, having a meal together, or even playing games. Even in the office, our team has utilized tools such as Slack to hold meetings between individual offices, provide easy access to a quick video-call tool, and connect with those who may still be working remotely.

• Embrace Your New “Coworkers”
o Working with your significant others, family members, kids, pets, or roommates can become frustrating, crowded, and distracting after a while. To encourage each other, invite everyone to share funny photos of their new coworkers to remind us we are all struggling with the same realities.

• Liven Up Your Space
o A new plant, painting, or photo can encourage fresh thinking and help you settle into your new workspace. Add pops of color, inspirational quotes, and photos of your favorite place to keep your creativity flowing, at home or in the office.

• Go Outdoors
o Sitting inside behind a screen all day can drain your thoughts and drive. Be sure to get up throughout the day and take advantage of the fresh air. Be sure to practice social distancing as well.

• Stay Active
o Some gyms may still be closed or limiting attendance, but that is no excuse! Turn on a YouTube video of your favorite type of workout or try something new. Consider asking one of your “new” WFH coworkers to join you too.

• Seek Out Creative Outlets
o Embrace your creative side through new mediums. Drawing, painting, or even DIY décor for your home can help you overcome a creative block. At Liquified, we’ve implemented a group craft once a month. Supply your team members with the supplies and let everyone get creative from a safe distance. Share your final results by sending photos or displaying the final products in an open area of your office so that others can admire your work one at a time.

• Call A Friend
o Connecting with each other during this time is so important. If you are struggling for creative ideas, give yourself a break, and try calling a friend to catch up.

• Encourage Each Other
o Right now, we’re all in similar situations. This transition is hard on everyone- including our coworkers and bosses. Be kind to each other and don’t forget to have empathy.


Finding your new approach to staying creative at home can be trying, but ultimately rewarding. Don’t be afraid to use the creative community, blogs, videos, and more for ideas and inspiration – and share your findings with coworkers to help along the way. This is the time to try new strategies, explore new avenues, and learn from each other.

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