5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

January 22, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the marketing landscape over the past year, it is important to note how many industries have adapted to a virtual landscape. Like any successful business faced with adversity, it is how they react to tough times that showcases the resilience and innovation organizations possess.

With the significant rise in virtual options that encourage people to stay home, many companies are shifting their efforts to make their services available digitally.

We live in a time when digital marketing moves fast, and consumer interests and behaviors are hard to predict. Marketers can no longer hope that educated guesses and the same old methods will produce consistent results.

Read on to discover five digital marketing trends for 2021 that will help your business not just survive but thrive in this age of innovation.

1. Google SERP’s “Featured Snippet”
Appearing as high up as possible on relevant Google searches has long been the primary objective when it comes to SEO efforts. One of the latest big trends is a “featured snippet” of highlighted text, which Google uses to attempt to answer the user’s question, without the user clicking on anything. The challenge is to rank for the “featured snippet,” providing just enough information to peak interest and get the user to click for more context.

2. Shoppable Posts on Social Media
Ever wanted the shirt that a model or celebrity is wearing in a photo or video? On social media platforms like Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram, users are now able to purchase items from photos and videos they come across. By combining shopping with social media, companies are able to promote and sell their products to users via a virtual market where engagement is already thriving.

3. Virtual Events Are Here to Stay
As events in all industries, ranging from concerts to spin classes, have transitioned to an entirely virtual format, we can expect them to continue, even when in-person events return. Given how these events encourage safety and are able to keep attendees engaged, companies are able to put together these events for a fraction of the cost that the live version would entail. Keep an eye out as these virtual experiences become more interactive thanks to multiple platforms that have risen in popularity over the past year, such as Zoom, Boomset, and Hopin.

4. Non-Linear Customer Journeys
The evolution of the customer’s journey towards digital touchpoints has become more pronounced during the health crisis. While businesses choose between e-commerce platforms; people are buying online and connecting with businesses via social media and other platforms. As a business owner and marketer, you should get familiar with non-linear customer journeys. This will allow you to:

• Effectively deliver brand experiences across channels and devices;
• Track and evaluate each touchpoint throughout a customer’s buying journey; and
• Identify opportunities to influence a customer’s decision.

5. Image and Video SEO for Visual Searches
The ability to search for images and videos using search engines already exists, but did you know you can also submit existing images to search?
To capitalize on this, you’ll want to make sure your image and video SEO efforts are up-to-date. For starters, be sure to apply the basics:
• Always include alt text in your image descriptions
• Add images to your sitemap or create a dedicated image sitemap
• Include your target SEO keywords in the file name of your image
• Use top-quality images and videos, including HD

If any or all of these seem overwhelming, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your digital marketing efforts for 2021.

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