Making Waves: 3 Predictions for 2022

January 7, 2022


As we begin the new year, members of our team have made their predictions about what to expect in the worlds of design, marketing, and web development for 2022:

A clearer, more creative headspace. 2022 will be one where hopefully, we’ve gotten back into our more normal but new headspace to create. 2020-2021 was a beat down on creatives and the creative industry because of the isolation. We predict that 2022 will be the year of returning to growth, creative risk-taking, teamwork, and collaboration, whether in person or virtually.

The prolonged pandemic is going to keep things virtual.Just as we thought the pandemic was finally going away, Omicron ramped things back up. At the end of 2021, we saw things go back to being virtual or even canceled. Our prediction is that the virtual world of PR is here to stay…at least for a while. We’re going to keep seeing virtual interviews and events, and social media is going to keep things busy.

In 2020, TikTok blew up. Looking at that, expect social media to continue to be one of the best outlets for businesses to share content and sell themselves, especially with the boom of TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. What this all means – PR professionals must keep getting creative with their pitches to the media, creating content that hasn’t been done before and that has a killer call to action. In addition to promoting their products and/or services, companies will be advertising their core values to ideally retain existing customers instead of appealing to new ones.

Web Development
Web apps just become apps. More and more “apps” will be web apps that run inside native shells on your phone, desktop, and more. Think Spotify, Slack, or even Discord. Modern apps will be built on the web, then ported back to devices. More and more will run even better in your browser than on some of your devices. Another result of this trend is that the line between website and app will further blur (outside of high-demand apps like gaming or video editing).

What are your predictions for 2022? Let us know!

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