Why Employee Morale Matters and How Our Agency Supports It

February 28, 2022

It’s no surprise that people produce their best work in a positive, supportive workspace. At Liquified Creative, we believe that hard work should be rewarded appropriately, which is why we utilize “Morale Time.”

While the work that we do showcases our expertise and commitment to delivering terrific services to our clients, we believe that this cannot be done without having great company morale.

This idea of “Morale Time” originated years ago as a Friday Happy Hour, a fun way to reward hard work at the end of the week while also building on the collaborative nature of our organization. It has since developed into one of our company’s core values because who says that work can’t be fun?

Employee and company morale are the outlooks that we have in regard to tasks, attitude, and approach to everyday activities. These things matter tremendously as positive morale should be organic and genuine, which is why we even go as far as to have an office morale committee. This committee is tasked with putting together fun activities for the office – they pay close attention to what activities are the most engaging and take into account suggestions from other team members.

From Monday through Thursday, just like in any office, the forefront of Friday is on everyone’s mind. We try to find little ways to keep spirits up prior to then, such as celebrating birthdays or holidays that fall on a weekday. When it’s nice out, we open our big metal door at the back of our office to let in warm breezes that sweep through, brightening everyone’s mood.

Agencies are built on relationships, both internal and external. Morale Time embodies our agency’s spirit and allows our team to engage with each other in a relaxed, team-building environment. While conducting interviews for vacant positions, we are transparent about our company culture, what activities we engage in as a company, and our values.

Morale Time can be combined in part with business. On the first Wednesday of every month, we have a company-wide meeting where we get carryout or go out to a local restaurant to discuss upcoming business and celebrate recent accomplishments. We even let different team members handle our TikTok account to show off their work and offer their office-life perspective.

Most weeks, we tend to stick to in-office activities like painting records, card games, or having a Mario Kart tournament. On special occasions, we engage in activities to boost morale after work hours, like participating in Fish For A Cure, a fishing tournament that raises money for cancer services at LH AAMC, or creating events like Gustmas, our office holiday party. Activities like these embody what we’re all about – having fun while supporting a great cause.

Alright, enough with using words to showcase our appreciation to team-building – here’s a fun graphic that encapsulates how we have fun together while staying productive:



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