Q&A with Liquified Creative Interns: Past and Present

August 11, 2022

A summer internship during your college career can be vital when it comes to landing your first full-time job. However, sometimes you can find that position – the one that allows you to get your foot in the door. You know how we know?

Because our 2021 summer Public Relations Intern found that opportunity here at Liquified Creative.

That former intern (and proud Auburn University grad) is Maryellen Myers, who recently joined our team as a Public Relations + Communications Associate.

This summer, we were lucky enough to have brought on a new Public Relations Intern, Ryan Haenn, who is a senior communications major at College of Charleston. With Ryan’s strong interest in PR, he was a perfect fit for our growing public relations division.

Over the past few weeks, both past and present interns got the chance to collaborate here in the office. Now, they’re sitting down for a one-on-one interview where they share the ins and outs of their summer internship experiences here at Liquified.

Maryellen: What kind of experience were you looking to gain from interning with Liquified Creative? Do you think you gained it this summer?
Ryan: I came into this internship hoping to learn more about the ins and outs of public relations. However, I ended up walking out of here and gaining experience with so much more. I was invited to join PR and project management meetings as well as professional development seminars to learn more about the industry. I was even able to work on a variety of different clients’ social media, blogs, and events to round out my experience.
Maryellen: I also wanted to learn more about the public relations side of the marketing industry. Because I was a journalism major in college, I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience in the agency world rather than just solely focusing on writing. I’ve loved how versatile my degree has been, and I’m sure both your internship and (almost) degree have given you a similar experience.

Maryellen: So when you started your internship, what was the impression you got of Liquified, especially the office culture?
Ryan: When I walked into the office on my first day, I could tell that this was both a fun-loving and motivated work environment. That first morning I worked on a press release announcing an award Liquified won, and in the afternoon, I watched the Blue Angels Commissioning Week airshow with the team. Although we don’t get to watch planes fly around all the time, that first day set the tone of what it’s like to work here.
Maryellen: I remember my first day, too. We were in the middle of planning a launch party for a new client and the office was full of all sorts of fun gifts for the attendees. There were also a ton of products from past projects that Liquified had done from previous years. I thought it was so cool that Liquified was about more than just sitting at a desk, and really seeing their hard work come to life.

Maryellen: After you graduate college, what are your career goals and how will you use your experience with Liquified to achieve them?
Ryan: My goal has been to work in the sports industry since I was a little kid. My time here has been so beneficial in helping me improve my writing skills and knowledge of the social media landscape. I think these skills can be applied for the rest of my career, wherever it may take me.
Maryellen: That’s awesome! I know my time at Liquified has already helped me build so many skills that will take me far in my career, and I know it will do the same for you.

Ryan: When you were applying for internships, Maryellen, what made Liquified Creative stand out to you?
Maryellen: When I was applying for internships, I saw Liquified’s listing on Google. The first thing that stood out to me was the company’s name; it was intriguing, so I clicked the link on the internship posting and went to the website. Immediately I was captivated by how impressive Liquified’s website was and knew I wanted to intern here.
I also loved the fact that this was a local company with a tight-knit feel. When I looked at the culture page of the site, I was impressed with the amazing work that Liquified was able to produce, and I knew this was a group of talented people that I could learn a lot from.
Ryan: The name and culture also stood out to me when I applied, but it also seemed like the company had so much experience to offer and learn from for an intern position. I remember being very impressed with the variety of clients and industries the company represented.

Ryan: Seems like we were both pretty impressed with LC right away, but I’m curious, what are some things you experienced with Liquified during your internship that made you want to come back and work here full-time?
Maryellen: When I interned at Liquified I realized that the way everyone got along is a lot different than anywhere else I’ve worked. I loved the emphasis this company placed on relationship building internally and externally every single week. I also loved how Liquified approached their tasks when it came to their clients. It was cool to see how well everyone got along in more of a personal relationship standpoint, but also as professionals. The collaborative aspect of the office life and how everyone worked together to deliver great products to clients is something that stood out to me.
Ryan: I couldn’t agree with you more. Everyone here has a variety of skills and it’s amazing to see it all come together when a project is wrapping up. Not only is this team passionate about their work, but everyone was incredibly welcoming to me when I first stepped foot into the office.

Ryan: And finally, what would your message be to future interns at Liquified Creative?
Maryellen: You are going to learn so much during your time at Liquified. This group of professionals is so talented, and you will have so many opportunities to learn. There will be a lot of different projects that you will be able to help with, so don’t be afraid to dive right in, ask questions, and get to know everyone and the roles they play in project development.
Ryan: I agree. I’m extremely grateful for my time here as an intern. The team’s hospitality created an environment that made me feel comfortable learning and growing my skills over these past couple of months. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more from a summer internship position. Working with this group has been motivating, a blast, and a fantastic experience overall.
Maryellen: Well, Ryan, you better come back and visit us when you’re home from college! You’ve been a fantastic addition to the team this summer.

The world of public relations changes every day. While you may not know what your next day may look like as an intern, that’s the beauty of the industry – no two days are ever the same. You can gain so much knowledge by working in a fast paced and ever-changing industry. Keep an eye out next spring for when our 2023 summer Public Relations Intern applications open. We can’t wait to welcome another crew member on board!

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