Social Media Marketing: Strategy Over Spontaneity

February 20, 2023

Planning out your social media posts in advance can help you execute an efficient and effective social strategy. This allows for the creation of content that fits within the theme of your brand. Cohesive content allows your audience to understand a business and what it’s all about— from its core values to its mission.  

When posts are published spontaneously, there may be a lapse in judgment. The copy may not be thoroughly thought out and your audience will most likely see right through this. Below we cover 5 reasons on why scheduling social media posts is always the way to go! Because as we know, having a strong social media presence is a huge part of brand success.

Your followers won’t be overwhelmed

It is all about finding balance here. You don’t want to post too much though you don’t want to post too little. When it comes to social media, people always mention consistency. 

Consistency is great for building and maintaining an online presence and it can help you stay on top of that ever-changing algorithm. But, when keeping followers top of mind, you don’t want to clog their social feeds. Try monitoring your performance via your analytics dashboards to gauge if your audience is looking for more or less content. After finding that magic number when it comes to frequency, it is crucial you stick to it.

Your content will be optimized

By planning and pre-scheduling posts, you’re able to select a date and time that allows for optimal reach and engagement. The great thing about social media is that it never sleeps. So, scheduling posts ahead of time is perfect for times when your followers may be available but you aren’t. This strategy is especially helpful when there’s a time difference. 

Our team utilizes Hootsuite to determine the perfect time and date for our posts. This tool has increased viewership and engagement on our social, as well as our clients’.  With the year just beginning, make sure you remember to monitor your audience’s engagement as habits tend to change. Now is the time to test different times and days out to see what works best for your audience.

You’ll build long-lasting relationships

Scheduling content allows you to devote more time to engaging with your audience and building relationships in a truly authentic way. When you take the time to put thought behind your content strategy, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and provide the kind of content you know will resonate well with your audience. Having a well-thought-out scheduled social strategy in place allows for connections to be built, which in turn leads to increased performance and brand visibility. You want to always ensure that your followers feel as if they’re being listened to. 

You’ll value quality over quantity

Building out quality content takes time. Followers can distinguish between contact that is crafted efficiently in contrast to content that has been rushed. This is why it is important to have an increased focus on the quality of posts. 

Scheduling posts ahead of time allows for deep consideration of messaging and key brand goals. In addition, you can ensure your posts are diversified. You’re also able to see if there are any gaps or holes in your content. Companies have numerous facets. So, you want to make sure your social media posts are not strictly centered around a particular service or item.

Your workflow will be streamlined

Another benefit of choosing to schedule your social media posts is that your workflow can become so much more streamlined. When clients have multiple social media accounts, it can be time-consuming to go from platform to platform to publish posts. When utilizing a single platform to schedule your posts,  you can easily adapt content for each social account. This is a win-win situation as it allows your audience to receive well-thought-out content and for your team to dedicate time to another task. 

Though being spontaneous on social platforms is trending at the moment, it’s important to still be strategic with this if you’re looking to build an effective long-lasting social strategy. Posting spontaneously may be a great strategy when it comes to humanizing your brand, but when it comes to a professional account you must consider the 5 reasons above before spontaneously posting.

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