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Transforming Healthcare Testing: The Coastal DX Experience

Precision Diagnostics, Mid-Atlantic Roots, National Impact

CoastalDX, a creation of Coastal Laboratories, emerged as a breakthrough solution for COVID-19 testing in senior and post-acute care facilities. Powered by a proprietary molecular technology platform, CoastalDX excelled in delivering prompt and accurate analysis of an array of respiratory pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.



Coastal Laboratories enlisted our expertise to craft a distinctive visual identity, complete with a logo, brand collateral, and packaging design for their groundbreaking CoastalDX product.


We embarked on a design journey that seamlessly harmonized CoastalDX’s medical relevance, geographic location, and DNA-based diagnostic capabilities. Incorporating a medical blue hue signified the connection to the healthcare realm. To emphasize the company’s mid-Atlantic roots, we elegantly integrated a subtle geographic nod into the design. The centerpiece of our approach was the incorporation of a double helix icon, reflecting the DNA testing that underpins the product’s advanced methodology.


A brand identity that serves as a testament to CoastalDX’s cutting-edge essence and dedication to healthcare advancement. The modern logotype, marked by its sleek and clean aesthetic, exudes professionalism while underscoring innovation. The accompanying double helix icon is a visual embodiment of the DNA-based precision that sets CoastalDX apart. The packaging design not only captured attention on the shelves but also embodied the company’s commitment to excellence.

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