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Evans & Associates


Giving a Voice to Non-Profits in Annapolis.


Evans & Associates offers over 60 years of personal and professional experience. They faithfully and fiercely serve their clients in a vast array of projects and issues. From securing the location and funding of a new Washington Football Team stadium to being at the forefront of gaming issues, they’ve fought and won for their clients year after year.


The client wanted a new logo that portrayed a more youthful and energetic feel while also paying tribute to the long-standing history and reputation the firm has built.


We met with the client to outline their goals and establish a timeline. Next, we worked through the design phase which began with a font study, multiple design studies, and finally a color exploration. The options were then narrowed down as we decided on a more modern, sleek, and simple approach that maintained a traditional representation of a renewed brand focus. Our design team provided the client with a logo that effectively achieved their goals. Along with their new logo, we were able to provide them new business card directions, letterhead, and concepts for using their new logo on branded collateral.

Simplifying Public Finance.