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Building a Structured Brand Identity for Legal Excellence

Developing Master Plans for Design Professionals

Design firms, regardless of their scale, turn to Lee/Shoemaker PLLC for expert legal guidance when confronted with complex challenges. From the inception of each partnership, their priority lies in fully comprehending their client’s aspirations. Armed with insight, they craft a comprehensive blueprint to actualize their envisioned outcomes. With precision and efficiency as their guiding principles, Lee/Shoemaker is steadfastly dedicated to empowering design professionals to not only weather challenges but to thrive amidst them.



While establishing a commanding presence in the legal field throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, Lee/Shoemaker sought a comprehensive brand and identity system. This encompassed strategic messaging, a distinctive logo, collateral, and an impactful digital footprint.


Drawing inspiration from the ethos of master builders in architecture, Liquified forged a brand identity that exudes the essence of modern architectural brilliance. Our vision centered on presenting Lee/Shoemaker as the cornerstone of legal support within the industry. We conceptualized a crisp, structured brand that would resonate with architects, engineers, developers, and construction companies. Simultaneously, we knew the accompanying custom website needed to unveil the intricacies of Lee/Shoemaker’s specialized legal offerings. Our collaborative approach determined that contrasting colors and a sleek design would capture the intended attention.


A responsive, contemporary website that provided a comprehensive introduction to Lee/Shoemaker’s tailored brand system. Vibrant yet sophisticated colors echo a modern outlook. The icon draws symbolism from an architect’s pencil, showing precision and guidance, while also solidifying their commitment to shaping legal foundations. The dynamic partnership between Liquified and Lee/Shoemaker has continued beyond development of the brand system, initial collateral, and the website, extending to custom email marketing designs, mailers, and diverse brand collateral. Lee/Shoemaker now stands as a beacon of legal expertise, its brand firmly etched into the architectural landscape.