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LiveWater Foundation


Designing a Visual Landscape: The LiveWater Luau

Inspiring Waves of Change

Rooted in Annapolis, Maryland, the LiveWater Foundation stands as a nonprofit beacon with a profound mission. Their purpose is to inspire and empower through water sports programs that amplify community health, wellness, and environmental vitality. Guided by a commitment to environmental stewardship, equal water access for local youth, and the honorable service of military veterans, LiveWater Foundation cultivates a community of unity and care.



Liquified was interested in sponsoring their first ever fundraising event called the LiveWater Luau. It turned out they needed creative design support for all of the event signage, including locational signage, sponsor signage, and various signage formats at the after part function. They asked us to focus heavily on the luau theme.


Led by designer Hollis Glick, the design approach harmonized the Hawaiian essence with the foundation’s mission. Using traditional island hues and engaging visual elements, he wove a captivating tapestry that would easily transfer throughout each piece of signage. Legibility was paramount, with a sharp focus on messaging and sponsorship visibility.


An enchanting symphony of purples, pinks, oranges, blues, and greens that blended seamlessly, embracing the essence of a traditional Hawaiian sunset. The textures mirrored swaying palms and other cultural motifs, celebrating the luau theme at its core. Each signage piece assumed a dual role, both a functional guide and an ornate adornment, encapsulating the very essence of the LiveWater Luau.

A creative approach to a community tradition rooted in friendly competition.