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Maritime Republic of Eastport

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The 2022 Tug of War: Slaughter Across the Water

Capturing Heritage, Igniting Rivalry

An exceptional blend of maritime camaraderie and spirited rivalry, The Tug of War by the Maritime Republic of Eastport stands tall, billed as the longest International Tug of War over water in the world. Originating as a defiant response to a bridge closure that symbolically isolated Eastport, this annual event embodies the boundless resilience and vibrant spirit of its community. Born from adversity, the Maritime Republic of Eastport (MRE) emerges as a lively micro-nation, passionately dedicated to celebrating its distinctive identity through the spirited medium of a waterfront tug of war. This annual spectacle is not just a battle of brawn but a triumph of unity, raising funds for charitable causes while embracing the maritime soul of Annapolis.



The MRE turned to Liquified as their creative ally for the third consecutive year, entrusting us to shape the official creative and graphic elements of their renowned Tug of War event. Seeking to encapsulate the event’s maritime heritage and rich history, the objective was to create captivating visuals that reflected the essence of the Tug while infusing it with a touch of nautical nostalgia.


Drawing inspiration from the timeless designs of the event’s well-loved shirts, we embarked on a creative journey that celebrated maritime motifs and captured the event’s captivating history. Merging maritime symbolism with a vintage aesthetic reminiscent of Sailor Jerry’s iconic tattoo art, we crafted a visual centerpiece that captured the spirited narrative of The Tug. Our design approach seamlessly blended traditional maritime elements with a sailor’s tattoo flair, encapsulating the boldness, unity, and fearless spirit of the MRE and its annual Tug of War.


A striking tapestry of event creative that energized various promotional materials, including digital graphics, posters, and signage, all designed in-house by our creative team. The fusion of maritime iconography and sailor tattoo influences gave rise to a truly captivating visual identity. In the heart of Annapolis, a tradition thrived, and a community united, reaffirming the resilience and power of unity in the Maritime Republic of Eastport.


2023 Indigo Design Award – Gold – Merchandise Design for Social Change, Annapolis Pride
2023 Indigo Design Award – Silver – Poster and Brochure Design for Social Change, Annapolis Pride

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