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Maryland Hall Arts Alive

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Reimagining the future of Maryland Hall.


Dedicated to Art for All, Maryland Hall is the region’s cultural core, convening and engaging all people—no matter age or background—in arts experiences that strengthen community. Since its founding in 1979, they have been dedicated to providing a wide range of programs and classes for all ages and skill levels. Maryland Hall strives to create a welcoming and supportive environment for artistic expression and exploration.


Maryland Hall partnered with Liquified in an effort to creatively reimagine the branding surrounding their annual Arts Alive fundraiser. However this year, Maryland Hall wanted to focus on celebrating the best that Annapolis has to offer by presenting the event as “The Great Annapolis Party.”


Our team developed a new visual identity, along with supplemental materials, using an approach that emphasized Maryland Hall’s mission and commitment to their community. We combined vibrant, playful, and iconic elements to celebrate the power and importance of the arts, right in the capital city of Maryland.


A powerful logo redesign that is familiar yet inviting to the community. Along with the themed logo redesign, additional engaging and creative supplemental materials – including a sponsor deck and event Save the Date digital invite – were added to maintain a consistent brand experience as the event was publicized across the region. In addition, our team provided marketing event recommendations and assisted in the rollout of this year’s advertising.

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