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Designing a People-First Strategy.


PI Midlantic breaks the cycle of disengagement in the workplace and helps to drive businesses to success. Starting by providing knowledge and tips to clients in regard to hiring the right people for the right jobs, PI Midtlantic is able to ignite enthusiasm and unleash productivity as part of an all-encompassing approach to talent optimization.

Clients are matched with a seasoned professional consultant who holds years of experience in executive leadership. Consultants team up with clients to create a winning plan using various tools that the Predictive Index has to offer. PI Midlantic then helps the client to implement these tools and strategies throughout their organization while also educating their workforce.


The client’s previous website communicated the information they wanted to present, but not necessarily in the most effective and updated manner. After PI Midlantic approached Liquified Creative, we determined that they needed a fresh look that would make them stand out by comparison to their competitors.


Our team met with the client to outline their goals and establish a timeline. Next, we worked through the design phase which began with a font study, multiple design studies, and finally a color exploration. The options were then narrowed down, finally moving forward with a more modern, sleek, yet simple approach that maintained a traditional representation of a renewed brand focus. Our design team also provided the client with a logo modification that effectively achieved their goals. Along with their new logo, we were able to provide their team with new, freshly designed business cards, letterhead, and additional concepts for using their new logo.

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