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Schuyler Line Navigation Company


Navigating New Horizons: Schuyler Line Navigation Company’s LNG Logo

Fusing Identity and Functionality in LNG Transportation

Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC (SLNC) is a pioneering force in the realm of U.S. Flag and Jones Act vessels, spanning global markets and delivering a spectrum of shipping and logistics services. From the Northern European coasts to the remote recesses of the Caribbean, Schuyler Line ensures a robust network connecting distant shores. With a firm commitment to safety, reliability, and environmental stewardship, Schuyler Line continues to set industry benchmarks since its inception in 1998.



Embracing innovation while adhering to their core values, Schuyler Line Navigation Company embarked on a creative partnership with our team to craft a fresh logo for their Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) tanker. Tasked with integrating a flame motif that steers clear of greenwashing, the goal was to encapsulate the essence of the LNG transport without implying explicit environmental attributes. The existing Schuyler Line Navigation Company (SLNC) logo was to be woven seamlessly into the new design, calling for a harmonious fusion of identities.


Drawing inspiration from the challenge at hand, we delved deep into the heart of SLNC’s legacy and its commitment to safe and efficient transportation. The focal point became the amalgamation of SLNC and LNG, resulting in the creation of the SLNG logo. This merger visually encapsulated the dynamic interplay between Schuyler Line’s established identity and its pioneering strides into the LNG domain. The flame element was thoughtfully imbued, capturing the dynamic nature of the LNG tanker’s function while staying true to the company’s ethos. The Schuyler Line brand colors were meticulously integrated, with a subtle infusion of green serving as a nod to the broader context without diluting the primary message.


The SLNG logo became a powerful embodiment of Schuyler Line’s journey, seamlessly bridging their reputable past with their innovative future. The carefully designed flame icon conveys the energy and precision of LNG transport, without veering into the realm of unwarranted environmental associations. The incorporation of the Schuyler Line brand colors ensures a consistent visual narrative, while the discreet green accentuates the forward-looking aspect of their endeavor. In crafting the SLNG logo, we not only honored Schuyler Line’s legacy but also paved the way for a vibrant and purposeful future in the LNG domain.

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