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United States Naval Institute 2022

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2022 History Conference | The Russia China Partnership: A Challenge to the World Order?

Impactful creative that inspires an international conversation

Since 1874, the United States Naval Institute (USNI) has been a trailblazer in their field, bringing service members and civilians together to exchange knowledge and ideas surrounding our great nation’s military. Through the institution’s hard work preserving the history of our Navy, they have kept the memories alive of those who have fallen.


The USNI engaged with Liquified to develop a cohesive design direction for materials associated with their 2022 History Conference. The topic of the conference was “The Russia China Partnership: A Challenge to the World Order?”, and called for a tactful yet creative approach to the concept at hand.


Our creative team led the development process based on the conference theme, conducting research in a way that ensured an unbiased and meticulous approach. With two main design directions in mind, our team began to move forward with a winner of the two, refining imagery to align with a sense of neutrality and knowledge-sharing that embodied the conference and its mission.


The final deliverables associated with the project included electronic signage, digital and print advertisements, a conference program, poster, and PowerPoint template. The central creative focus remained consistent throughout the materials, illustrating a cohesive approach to the conference experience.