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Submissions due no later than January 5, 2024.


Hey there, Annapolis

Remember when we kicked off Annapolis Gives a couple of years back? No worries if it slipped your radar – we’ll refresh your memory. First, fast forward to today, because we’ve got some hot-off-the-press news to share. We’ve embarked on a new adventure, expanding our horizons down to sunny South Florida, accompanied by a little rebrand too. But here’s the kicker – our heart still beats to the rhythm of Annapolis, where we’ve been rocking it for a solid 16 years.
We’ve teamed up with Eye on Annapolis again to give Annapolis Gives a revival. We’re here to show some serious love to the local businesses who’ve made our journey unforgettable. Trust us, we’re not just swinging by – we’re here to stay.

The Background

Remember when the world turned upside down with COVID-19? That’s when Liquified Agency (formerly known as Liquified Creative) and Eye on Annapolis first launched the Annapolis Gives initiative. It was more than just a website – it was a helping hand to our community.

Annapolis Gives provided helpful resources, including a virtual tipping program, giving our hard-hit service industry superheroes a hand. We connected patrons with their favorite spots via secure transactions, boosting their PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp accounts. The buzz was all about positivity, as we encouraged everyone to spread good vibes with #annapolisgives on social media.

But wait, there’s more! We rolled out a Maryland Heroes Activity and Resource book, jam-packed with local support networks, ways to make a difference safely, and some seriously fun activities.

Oh, and the cherry on top? We selected a local business and a non-profit for a complimentary logo and branding makeover, plus six months of Eye on Annapolis advertising love.

Today we’re rocking a brand new look as Liquified Agency. But guess what? Our roots remain firmly planted in Anne Arundel County, and we’re not about to let them wither. That’s why we’re relaunching the Annapolis Gives project, and we’re on the hunt for one local restaurant or retail location that could use a dazzling complimentary branding package.

Ready to take the stage? Just drop us your pitch using the form below and tell us why your business deserves a helping hand. Let’s keep those community vibes alive and thriving. All entries are due no later than January 5, 2024.