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We are Liquified Agency.

Hey Sarasota! Founded in 2006 as Liquified Creative, we proudly stand today as Liquified Agency, a full-service advertising agency and strategic communications firm. Collectively, we embark on a relentless pursuit of creativity and excellence, crafting unforgettable work that captivates audiences, ignites imaginations, and drives tangible results for our clients.

Our brand ethos is simple; we bring stories to life in ways that are imaginative, authentic, and unforgettable.

Media relations

Social Media

Event Marketing + Management

Brand storytelling


Social Media Suite
$3,000 per month
3 Feed Posts + 2 Videos/Week (up to 3 platforms)
  • Copywriting, visual, and scheduling
    • (graphics, stock photos and client-provided videos)
3 Story Sets/Week (IG, FB)
2.5 Hours Of Engagement/Week for audience growth (up to 3 platforms)
2 blogs per month OR an additional 2 feed posts per month
Slack Support
Monthly Analytics Report + Check-In Call
Branding 411: a one-time questionnaire to help go through your goals and vision
A one-time Brand Moodboard Packet to set the vision for your social media

Add On: Photos + Video 

  • One photography session with up to 10 products: $700
  • On-site content shoot: $1,500
Public Relations Basics
$1,500 per month
1-hour virtual discovery session
One monthly targeted outreach initiative (news/press releases, media advisories, bylined articles, etc.), including follow-ups
Professionally designed press one-pager
Media monitoring and reporting services
Public Relations Retainer
$4,000 (40 hours)
per month
1-hour virtual discovery session
Multiple targeted outreach campaigns (news/press releases, media advisories, bylined articles, etc.), including follow-ups
Event planning + management
Online listing management
Brand partnerships and influencer marketing
Creation and execution of comprehensive PR strategies
Profiling opportunities
Press Office functionality
Crisis Communications
Creative + Graphic Design services as-needed to supplement PR + Communications efforts
Copywriting + Content Writing services
Award identification and submission
Sponsorship and strategic partnership opportunities
Professionally designed press one-pager
Media monitoring and reporting services


Why Liquified?

It's Collaborative:

We blend the artistry of Content Marketing with the dynamic pulse of Social Media to create a compelling mosaic that resonates with the most important people out there – your target audience. Together, we’ll navigate the ever-shifting currents of social landscapes with finesse. With Liquified, you’ll get thumb-stopping content that strategically leverages the nuances of your brand voice and image.

It’s Exhilarating:

Envision your brand not as a mere mention, but as a resounding voice that echoes through the crowded media landscape. At Liquified, we specialize in harnessing the power of media relations to amplify and elevate your brand’s message. We’re dedicated to crafting messages that not only resonate with your target audience but also extend your reach far beyond the ordinary. We go beyond just securing media placements; we cultivate relationships, shape narratives, and ensure your brand finds its perfect place directly in the spotlight.

It’s Dedicated:

Brand storytelling drives our award winning work and builds relationships that linger in the minds of your target audience. Through our expertise, we empower your brand to stand out. Every story we create is a powerful tool, an opportunity to ignite engagement, and create a brand presence that can’t be ignored. We’re here to help harness the true potential of your brand and allow it to seize the attention it deserves.

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