Webfonts and Email Campaigns

February 13, 2014

Who wouldn’t like to use a display font in their email campaign design?

For years designers have been embedding their headlines and specialty fonts into images for email campaigns. However, with the introduction of webfonts, a number of designers have dabbled with the practice of utilizing them in email blast designs verses utilizing graphics. As great as this sounds, there are still a number of email clients that do allow the use of webfonts (see the compatibility chart).
There are great sources for webfonts such as google fonts, fontshop and Adobe Edge. All of which are easy to use and allow you to add the font resource in your style tags. As noted below, a number of online email clients still have some traction to make in order to allow this method.
Depending upon your audience and also your gauge of expectations in the final product, webfonts may still not be for you or your campaign. Being a stickler for design and control – I am still not sold on the concept when programming and designing email blasts for design-critical campaigns. Although, I am confident that the email client industry will quickly catch up and embrace this trend.

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