The Value Behind Creative

July 30, 2014

CreativityIn today’s day and age of marketing there is a vast sea of data, analytics, logistics and in some schools of thought, luck of the draw. However, creativity also still holds the forefront in the success of any marketing plan. Whether your marketing plan is focused on print, broadcast or digital – focused and unique creative will always stand firm at the helm, offering clear opportunities and clear methods for more efficient communications and more effect avenues to connect with your audience.
Without any question, there are companies out there with clear goals — striving to become the leader in search engine results. All geared toward bowing down to the internet gods. Although, without the means to entice and attract users through creative, their efforts for conversion and connecting with their audience are slim and futile.

Driven by Logic, Inspired by Mass Appeal.

The science behind analytics and data is equally important in the grounds and base of creative exploration. In fact, they should be the building blocks in any creative brief.

Excellent Creative Establishes Value.

Look at some of today’s greatest innovators who have changed the world through their creative lineage. For example, where would Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Xbox or Coke be today without the creative driving force behind their brands? Without a doubt, brands that invest in quality creative also profit from its public perception of value. Creative identifies your company, connects to your audience, creates a cult-like following, establishes credibility, and stands as a shining beacon, guiding the masses to your front door.

Creative is an Important Building Block in Marketing.

Creative takes a brand, concept, service, organization, message, product, and in may cases, the identity of a celebrity to the next level of possibilities. In addition, it ignites generations, establishes movements, and historical milestones.

Avoiding Creativity for the Sake of Creativity.

A common pitfall and in most cases the point of failure in a marketing campaign. Creativity should ride hard along with the goal and strategy of a campaign; a co-captain of sorts, not the head of the pack. Successful creative speaks to your audience and reflects an established solution of a marketing challenge. Hence, the birth, existence, and value of the “Creative Brief.”

It Surrounds You.

Take a moment and look around your home, office or even at your browser window. Everywhere you look, you are submersed in creativity. From the device you are reading this article on, to the clothes you wear, to the cosmetics and the lunch you ate this afternoon. All of your choices have been encased by creativity some way, somehow.
In closing, the next time you are faced with establishing a new marketing venture or in need of effective marketing — keep in mind the harmonious balance behind the creativity and strategy (research + data). All are necessary to complete the picture and establish a strong foundation for a successful marketing campaign and brand.

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