Improving your Digital Marketing Strategy: Advanced Target Marketing

February 10, 2015

LCDesktopAd2Marketers are living in an exciting time that brings many new marketing opportunities, goals and trends.  In the world of marketing, new strategies emerge quickly to keep up with advancing technology. One strategy that marketers should focus on this year is advanced target marketing.
Although creative advertising and marketing concepts presented in the movie Minority Report seemed pretty futuristic at the time, some proved more realistic in present day. Billboards may not read our IDs from retina scans as we pass by—just yet—but personal online information is available for public viewing and can be used to target and market individuals on many levels.
Consumers sign-in to accounts which, in turn, establish an online database of personal information followed by details of buying—and viewing—habits. Additionally, each company account uses this in-depth information to better serve you by anticipating your next buying thoughts. Most accounts that consumers establish with companies are ever-expanding databases—updated essentially, strictly by the consumer. The integration of buying habits, combined with new product appeal allows companies to deliver landing pages that serve up additional product ‘sides’ to accompany the full plate of goodies being built in the shopping cart. How about some socks for your new shoes?
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