Twitter Rolls Out New Algorithm

February 10, 2016

Blue bird on speech bubble

Chronological Tweets Are out and Algorithmic Tweets Are In!

But before users and social marketers alike begin to panic, consider the benefits that accompany this change –effective today 2/10/16.

Embrace the Change

  • Instead of viewing the most recent Tweet, the new algorithm will allow users to view more relevant posts.
  • Although this feature will not promote any ads it is possible that it will increase brand’s organic reach.
  • Will curate Tweets reflect each user’s interests, providing a more personal experience

How the Algorithm Works 

According to Twitter VP Product Revenue, Ameet Ranadive, users will have the option to opt- in to access this feature, meaning your Twitter feed will not magically update overnight.
The algorithm will factor a Tweets number of likes and Retweets as well as organic engagement. Twitter will also consider the user’s interests by tracking which accounts users interact with and the trending topics within those accounts to provide relevant Tweets and a user-friendly experience.

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