Top 4 Valentines Day Campaigns

February 12, 2016

Valentines day: a celebration of love or a marketing scheme?
Either way, we appreciate the creativity that influenced these holiday inspired ads.
Here are 4 ads that pulled at our crew’s heartstrings:

1. Hallmark’s “Put Your Heart to Paper”

Who doesn’t love a touching story? Hallmark captures a variety of couples sharing their love for one another without using the word “love.”


2. Ford’s “Mustang Speed Dating Prank”

What happens when a few unsuspecting men go on a blind date with a beautiful woman (who is secretly a professional stunt driver)? I think it’s safe to say that this blind date sent their hearts racing!


3. Google’s “Parisian Love”

A clever depiction of an American’s love story told through Google Search.


4. Cesar’s “Love Them Back”

Valentines Day isn’t always red hearts, sappy notes, and joyous celebrations. For some, the holiday can be a difficult day. Cesar speaks to that audience and shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes. Despite the loneliness that this holiday may cause sometimes the love of a “man’s best friend” can conquer all.

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