Attention Marketers: Google is Removing Right Hand Side Ads

March 4, 2016

Wooden easel with word Google
Google has officially dropped right- hand PPC ads from the search engine result page. To replace the side ads, Google has implemented four slots at the top of the search page, as opposed to the original three top slots and ten right–hand side slots.
It is suspected that Google has killed right-hand side ads for the sake of increasing revenue and to provide users with a more organic and useful experience.
This change will affect businesses, advertisers, and marketers. The top-of-the-page paid search will become more competitive, and costly.
To accommodate this change, marketers should expect to take a lower PPC position and focus on organic strategy. If you do continue your PPC campaigns, be sure to adjust your ads to be more creative, interactive, and visually appealing. Additionally, consider creating campaign-specific landing pages with CALLS to ACTION (CTA’S) to guide your visitor toward converting into a client.
Please contact Liquified Creative if you need assistance modifying your PPC strategy today.

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