Strike Your Power Pose

July 1, 2016

Do you have a big interview, asking for a raise, or just need a confidence boost? Take two minutes to yourself in front of a mirror, and show that POWER POSE!
What is a power pose?
A power pose is a stance where one feels confident, strong, and empowered. People typically experience power through their bodies, when they feel timid or not in control, they move into a curled closed position (arms crossed, head lowered, slouched back). When people feel empowered they tend to stand in the “power pose” (straightened back, head held high, chest open). Studies have shown that completing a power pose can help train your brain into the confidence. Listed below are some great poses to give a try.
Typical Stances:

  • The Wonder Woman: Chest lifted, arms strong, head held high.
  • The “Come at Me”: Arms extended out on either side, fierce face, as if you were ready to take on anything that comes at you.
  • The Finger Point: Finger extended outward, fierce eye contact, wide stance.
  • Power House: Strong arms, fierce face, large stance

Check out our Liquified Team try out some power stances and then try a few of your own!

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