Advertising on Instagram

September 1, 2016

Instagram is still a fairly new marketing avenue for businesses and marketers alike and should be handled in a strategic matter. Here are some best practices to keep in mind when advertising on Instagram:

  1. Use Hashtags – You can make your product or service distinctive with hashtags. Make sure to use your hashtag across all your social platforms.
  1. Videos Increase Engagement – Videos allow you to interact with your audience on a different level. Videos allow you to bring your brand to life and catch your fans attention.
  1. Post-Exclusive Instagram Discounts – Exclusive discounts on your Instagram ads will make your fans feel special which will not only help the engagement of your ad but will also increase your brand loyalty.
  1. Minimum Text – Any Instagram Ad should include as little text as possible. If possible, stick to the 20 percent rule concerning text within ad images.


Any new company should start developing a strong structure that incorporates a theme that will capture their business. Just having this base theme means you…