Do Your Customer's Needs Line Up with 2017's Digital Trends

June 19, 2017

In the industry of marketing, Liquified Creative tends to get pretty excited about the latest trends that develop. But what is more important is the opinion of the customer, what do they think of the new technology coming onto the scene?
In a not so shocking turn of events, customers want to use improved versions of what they’re already familiar with over using a brand new process/product. All of this and more is laid out in the recently published infographic by digital agency Code Computerlove.
While there hasn’t been much in the news surrounding voice assistants, they’re ranked third in most searched trending topics and second in trending topics that customers want to use this year. Most of this can be attributed to Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri and any other new technology that people are quickly adopting in an effort to streamline the efficiency of their lives and make their homes more comfortable.
Conversely, mobile payments have been neglected by mainstream media and search efforts alike, but when surveyed they were the most popular technology that people were interested in using in 2017.
For more detail, and an in-depth look at the digital trends brands are talking about versus what consumers want to use, check out the infographic:

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